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Rushmore offers nationwide intermodal services for full truckload and less-than-truckload.

Rail shipping is generally less expensive and is able to carry overweight shipments that would not otherwise be cost-effective to move over the road by truck.

– Intermodal shipments move in 53′ domestic containers as well as in 20′, 40′ and 45′ ocean containers for domestic use.

– Intermodal moves have less pricing volatility than over-the-road trucking.

– Precise tracking from rail carriers every step of the way.

– Drop/Pick: containers can be dropped for loading/unloading over hours or days

40’ Intermodal Container for Domestic usage

As one of the most efficient and active providers of 40’ equipment in the domestic market, Rushmore brings consistent capacity, efficiency and agility to your supply chain with our customer centric approach, flexible operating model and representation in the US and Canada. With strong relationships with major rail providers, we offer the best combination of rates and routes.

Rushmore manages more than 15000 40’ shipments each year for our freight forwarding and bco clients. By optimizing and managing your intermodal freight, Rushmore helps you take advantage of all the benefits of intermodal shipping.


How does Intermodal work?

– A local truck will pick up an empty container and take to shipper for loading.
– Once loaded, container is delivered to the nearest railyard where it will be loaded onto a railcar.
– Containers are shipped to the nearest rail station to the delivery location.
– Once container arrives at the receiving ramp, it is unloaded from the train and mounted onto a chassis and made ready for pick up.
– A local truck at the destination is dispatched to pick up the loaded container and proceed to complete the delivery.
– Empty container is returned back to the rail ramp for repositioning.



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